8 Weeks Italian Courses

See the Home Page for current Course times and dates. La Bella Figura - Experience Italian Culture is one of great and exciting new projects by New Realm Media in collaboration with Italian Week.

Our Italian courses are designed to be shared with all those who are passionate about Italy in the Brisbane Metropolitan area.

Our Italian language and cultural classes provides an insight into the Italian culture and its traditions with a relaxed, easy and fun approach to the language. 

Our young and friendly native Italian teachers will assist and support students in their learning experience providing introductory and quality information about Italian language and a deep understanding of Italian culture.

Each Italian lesson will follow one topic and it will be supported by reading, listening, speaking, writing and audiovisual activities.

Interested in our Italian language lessons? Please enroll to one of our courses or should you want to discuss your proficiency with one of our teachers before enrolling, please contact us.

8 WEEK COURSE  - 4 levels available:

- beginners (level 1)


  • Our 8 week Italian course is perfect for everyone who loves Italy and want to discover the language and the culture.
  • Our Italian courses are targeted to youth and adults who will enjoy comprehensive classes which consist of a welcome coffee session before the beginning of each Italian lesson and a wide range of interactive and entertaining activities during the classes. 
  • If you are planning a trip to Italy this might be the opportunity to prepare for your holiday in advance and take advantage of our advice, tips and expertise. 
  • Or if you want to enjoy some time of being in company with Italian teachers and join others who are passionate about Italy, you are more than welcome.
  • Or you might just love the idea of feeling like an Italian and breathe Italian culture one day a week.


Our affordable price includes 8 Italian lessons in addition to a welcome coffee session and free Italian conversation time before the beginning of each class in Italian.

For any other information please contact us.

 Join us and you will be pleased you did! :)